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    We've come a long way and now we're focused on the Asian Market. For the last 2 years, we've relocated in Asia. We have started growing our network in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines to provide E-Marketing and Leads.

    Now, we want to move to our next step to create our own network of Affiliates. We are looking also to provide our knowledge to all the brands who would like to start their Digital marketing presence into the web. We want to guide you through different ad networks to fully optimize your media campaigns.

    With our help, we can help you create your online presence and be successful in doing so!

    Our Experience in Media Buying at a glance

    Our solution for Advertisers, Publishers and Media-Buyers: the vast and secure network that keeps us ahead of the game. It's our key to success. Why choose us as your partner?

    It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Our deep understanding of the different industries today will maximize your ROI. Our trusted web agency contacts will get you the best possible price every single time.

    Our expertise in the different verticals and countries will give you full access to the market you want to tap into. If you are running your Brand we encourage you to remember two things:

    1. Not all markets are the same - every country has its own unique characteristics online, so don’t go back a step by copying your competition.

    2. What works on the web today may not necessarily what will work tomorrow!

    Over the past 9 years, Marketing Cross Media has witnessed the online gaming companies grow from strength to strength, breaking into new target markets never seen before associated with gambling.

    Once a male dominated domain, more women are now feeling safe to play for a chance to win something that interests them. Online Gaming has now become a consumer tool for companies to use as a means of discovery. New gadgets, holidays, restaurants or even a chance to win designer clothing, the lines have been blurred and what was once only done behind closed doors is now widely accepted.

    New markets are constantly opening up and we have created our niche by always being one step ahead of the competition. Latest technologies create new needs for our clients - with Mobile being the latest focus, this is no exception for us!

We deliver specialized services for clients in every industry, all over the world.

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    Online Gaming and Forex
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    Media Buying
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    Website Building

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I can truly say the same about you and after seeing your new company, I feel proud I was able to be a good professor. Together our companies could achieve great feats - of that I have no doubt of.

David S.

Both professional and charming, Dov genuinely cares and goes the extra mile with every person he meets. Always a pleasure to see him at every event.

Marit V.

Your experience and professionalism help us to achieve and become the number 1 of affiliates in Spain. We followed your advice and we are thankful for all you've done.

Christian K.

I know you since the beginning of the gambling industry and you are a truly business partner. I can say like you, we have the same personality. It's hard to trust people in business - you're a rare one! I will always stand close to you my friend!

Eric S.

“Our SEO Team will advise you on how to proceed with your campaign. We always love to dance with the 'Google dance'! Struggles are inevitable but we always do our best to give you the right results.”

John, Lee, Sharon and Christian

Search Engine Optimization

“Rest assured that we'll provide you content that's spot-on to your niche and target market.”


Content Writers and Translators

“We know how hard it is to conceptualize your ideas - let alone bring those concepts to life. We'll make it easy for you through our Web Designing skills!”



“Developing for more than 15 years under different languages, we are now training our new generation who are very quick learners!”

Steph, John and Lee